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No longer do you have to choose between business and pleasure – all thanks to the boom of bleisure! This might be a word you’ve have heard a lot recently – however, you may be unsure what it means exactly. Bleisure is the latest phenomenon of the travel industry, blooming as a by-product of the coronavirus pandemic and the popularity of home working. Find out more in our helpful guide today.

What is ‘bleisure’?

Bleisure refers to business trips that combine the elements of business and leisure – for example, this could be a business trip that has been extended into a holiday. Another example could be a remote working trip where a person may want to rent out a countryside Airbnb for a month, allowing them to work in a new location while making the most of their evenings. Leisure activities could range from sightseeing, relaxation, hiking or visiting entertainment venues. More than 60 percent of business trips during the last year were extended for leisure purposes.

Who is the bleisure traveller?

The main aim of bleisure travel is to work remotely in a desirable location. Bleisure travellers found doing so minimised stress and boosted productivity. The majority of travellers were working in areas such as finance, technology, public administration, and manufacturing. The business traveller is the ideal tenant – they book in advance, are willing to pay higher prices, stay for lengthy stays.

Studies also revealed that bleisure was most popular amongst younger travellers as well – with more people considering bleisure trips since remote working became a norm.

What are bleisure travellers looking for?

Bleisure trips make working from home more exciting – being stuck inside during the pandemic means most people didn’t get to bask in that much needed sunshine. Bleisure offers the opportunity to enjoy new locations as well as the prospect of making the most of downtime. Being surrounded by cultural events, concerts, high-quality restaurants, or other sightseeing locations is a huge benefit of bleisure.

When in search for the perfect bleisure apartment, there are a few things the business traveller will prioritise – the first being comfort. Serviced apartments are the perfect solution as they provide a home away from home feeling. Business travellers are looking for superior comfort, nicely furnished homes in impressive locations – the perfect spot should provide an ideal place for work whilst combining an element of luxury. If your property has a supreme balcony view, a hot tub or even a green landscape, these are all enticing factors to a potential short-term tenant. 

Bleisure is also a social activity – friends, partners, or colleagues may wish to go on bleisure trips together. By doing so, people who are remote workers prevent feelings of isolation and can alleviate boredom and the monotony of day to day working life. These travellers also tend to choose accommodation that offer high internet speeds, productive working areas as well as other leisure activities such as spas, gyms, and pools.

How do I attract bleisure seekers?

Bleisure trips are usually quickly planned and speedily booked. As a property owner, if you want to attract bleisure customers, you must promote specific benefits that appeal to corporate clients.

  • Create a desk space in your property – prioritise making a cosy office space in your property so that people are more inclined to consider your property for bleisure.
  • Market to international travellers – think about the wider surroundings of your area and the things to do and see. Your location may have more appeal to international travellers than you may think.
  • Emphasize location – having an apartment in the city is a huge selling point, as it means commuters can easily travel to meetings and offices – so investing in properties in and around the city is likely to target a bleisure customer more easily.
  • Put your trust in us – why not utilise our in-house corporate services who have already built an established relationship with bleisure travellers? Here at SevenLiving, we have an influx of corporate travellers who are in need of high-quality property in prime city locations – providing the perfect opportunity for landlords to target bleisure consumers.

How can Seven Living help you?

At SevenLiving, we can make your Airbnb hosting experience hassle-free. Our property management services take care of all the admin for you – all you have to do is reap the rewards of your Airbnb income. We deal with all enquiries, save you time and manage all your short-term rental properties from application to completion. Our services also extend to hotel-level cleaning and changeover between guests, while also taking care of the whole maintenance for your property.

If you are interested in our Airbnb management services, enquire online to find out more. Our helpful team are always here to help you with any Airbnb hosting queries you may have.

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